AITK Robotics

The Project focuses on Programming and Automation for Drones and Robots and target kids as the primary audience.

Reform and inspire Innovation

Give every child equal opportunity to gain experience on the STEAM concepts in a hands-on environment.

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A World of Robotics, Drone Piloting and Automation

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Giving every child opportunity to gain experience on the STEM concepts in a hands-on environment.


Program Sessions

Drone Technology

Learn how the various types of UAV work. Learn how to assemble drones, pilot and program UAV. Learn how to configure UAV in autonomous mode.


Learn from multiple robot types and operations. Learn to build robots. Learn to code into robots and IoT kits.


Learn to setup coding environment. Learn to program robots and drones with Python and Block codes. Learn to create animations and games with Scratch.

“Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Autonomous Technologies have made Coding an extremely valuable skill set and I know that having a foundation in Robotics will make you valuable in any company. I recommend this training for our younger generation”


“This is a very great initiative. As a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, an Educationist, an entrepreneur and a a parent, I believe strongly that this platform created for learners, especially children, will boost their interest in STEM education as well as birth in them the creativity they will need as pragmatic problem solvers for our world..”

Ezekiel Osei Bonsu

” We must develop a comprehensive and globally shared view of how technology is affecting our lives and reshaping our economic, social, cultural, and human environments. There has never been a time of greater promise, or greater peril.”


Featured Kits

AITK Training Module

Learn Python AI & IoT


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What Is Going On?

Featured Stories

A Two-Day Robotics and IOT Training at Samreboi.

In collaboration with Passion Technology, 50 pupils from the Samreboi community were trained in a two-day workshop. The training focused on Robotics, IoT and Drone piloting.

Students from DeMakkels School building a robot

AITK Drone Technology and Robotics Training at the DeMakkels School

The first AITK Robotics program held in Nkoranza trained twenty-two (22) kids in Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Drone programming and Drone piloting.

Our Training Plans

After school Trainings

Training is limited to the geographical areas of our physical Centers; currently Nkoranza in the Bono East of Ghana.

One-Time General Training

A short time training session, usually 2 days. Organized for established institutions usually schools but can be opened to the public..

Subscribed Trainings

Long term contract training for schools. Usually includes Training materials, Trainings of Trainers, Syllabus, Robotics Club..

Do you want to bring AITK Robotics to your classroom or home?

Join our practically oriented project that focuses on coding, robotics, drone technology and Internet of Things, for educational and recreational purposes .

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Nkoranza Asuoso road

Alhaji Sammo – street

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