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AITK Robotics Training at Modish Educational School

Arnson Innovate organized a two-day practical-intense training on the 4th and 5th of November 2022 for a group of students from the Modish Educational School – Samreboi, Western Region Ghana. This training for these 115 kids was centered on robotics, drone piloting and programming, and 2D animation.

On the first day, these brilliant kids were taught to build robots using kits from MakeBlock and Robolink. They were taught how to bring all the lifeless parts of the robots and assemble them so that they are responsive to codes. Later that day, our facilitators introduced the kids to drone technology. where they were taught the basic rules for piloting a UAV, Pre-flight checks.

AITK robotics training, Modish School

We continued the next day with programming the built robots. They were taught how to measure the temperature, humidity, illumination, and sound volume in a room by writing block and python codes.
From the creative minds of these young ones, they were able to program the robots to respond to conditions which included turning on LED lights and playing sounds as indicators for high temperatures and low illumination respectively.
The kids also learned how to write simple codes for obstacle detection and avoidance using sensors in the robots and drones.

We then continued with drone piloting, where basic drone flight movements were taught. They performed specific actions like starting, takeoff, hover, Yaw, Pitch, throttle, flipping, and landing the drone with its controller. Outside of their classrooms, they explored the many other functionalities of drones.

At the end of the training, we were convinced of the joy we brought to our kid siblings not just because of their smiles but also their practical assessment.
We seek to give every kid hands-on practical experience in the tech space because Coding is the basic literacy for kids globally.

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