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AITK Robotics Training for the Students from the Greener Pastures Educational Complex

At our ultramodern training facility in Nkoranza, Bono East, Ghana, we arrange after-school tutoring for young children as part of the AITK robotics initiative. We hosted a group of incredible children from the Greener Pastures Educational Complex, Nkoranza on December 1st, and we took them through robot building, robot programming, drone piloting, and its programming at our instructional center.

What is a robot? – our facilitator asked the kids. From the reaction we had, we came to a realization that they just had a little idea of what unequivocally a robot is. The facilitator then, at that point, cleared up for them what exactly a robot is – a machine equipped for completing a series of activities through programming written by a user.

AITK Training at our Center

Subsequently, through our facilitator’s direction, they unboxed Makeblock’s mbot. Our facilitator then took the understudies through the names of the different parts and their uses. When they were familiar with the terms and use of the various parts, they were then taken through how to bring every one of the lifeless parts together to build the mbot. Each kid present at the center had the potential chance to build a robot.

The kids learned to use the remote control and the Makeblock program to operate the built-in mbot. They were so captivated when they figured out how to control the robot with voice commands. The facilitator taught the students how to use block codes to make the robot perform tasks such as line following, obstacle detection, and obstacle avoidance. They also learned how to write simple block codes to measure temperature, humidity, and the light intensity of our surroundings.

Once we were done building and programming the robot, we turned our attention to the drones. The facilitator taught them the names of the parts of the amazing Codrone Edu. The kids then explored the many functionalities of the drone with its controller. The facilitator also taught them how to pilot the drone with Python codes. The moment they realized that the drone was being expertly piloted by the simple code they had written, they were astonished beyond belief.

At the end of the training, we were convinced of the joy we brought to our kid siblings, not just because of their smiles but also their practical assessment.

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